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Applying for Membership

To request membership, please click the button below to complete the application and submit a $25 processing fee. You will be added to the waitlist when your fee payment has been confirmed. 


If you have already applied you can check the status of the waitlist.

Waitlist temporarily on hold
Membership Requirements
  • Pay annual dues in full and on time

  • Attend all scheduled work days (4 times per year)

  • Attend annual meeting in March

  • Plant at least two seasons per year

  • Never use pesticides

  • Keep area surrounding your plot free of weeds and debris

  • Do not leave water running unattended

  • Have a cooperative and courteous attitude towards fellow gardeners and garden visitors


We do not have a time limitation for plot assignments. You will be able to continue tending your plot as long as you remain a member in good standing. We have many members who have remained in good standing and continue to tend their plots for 20 years or more.


The waitlist for a plot is currently 8-9 years. We are just a single garden with 128 plots and several long-term members in good standing.

You may consider applying for a community garden plot with San Francisco Rec and Park. They manage over 40 gardens across San Francisco with hundreds of plots. They may have a shorter wait time. 

Waitlist Benefts

Once you have joined the waitlist, you may attend our regular workdays and participate in our common area projects.

Your Contact Information

Waitlist participants are responsible for keeping their contact information current. We confirm continued interest with waitlist participants twice a year. If we cannot get in touch with you, we will remove you from the waitlist.

Please send an email to with your contact information changes.

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