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Workday reminder and new, midweek workdays!

Hello and happy August!

Thanks to everyone for all your efforts and participation in making the garden look its best. 

The Summer workday and makeup day are coming up AND we have a new, midweek workday option to introduce.

The next regular workday is next Saturday, August 10.  The forecast looks pretty nice and typical as of now:  Mid 60's, getting warmer, sunnier and windier as the day progresses.

9am start, please sign in by 9:30.  Bring a potluck item to share or contribute $10 per person for lunch.  I will be on hand for the quarterly meeting that will be held during lunch time. Next makeup workday is Sunday, August 18.

Starts at 9, please sign in by 9:30.  BYO food and beverage.  No meeting and no lunch provided.October workday schedule:  Regular Saturday workday and meeting 10/19.  Makeup Sunday 10/27. New, midweek makeup days. There are many gardeners that are unable to attend, for various, legitimate reasons, any workdays on weekends in a given quarter or on a regular basis.  To give members another chance to participate in a workday, the Board decided to offer an additional, midweek, makeup workday for at least the next 2 quarters.  If the option proves useful, we will consider making it a regular offering.  This workday will operate like the Sunday makeup days; there will be no lunch or meeting.  The date and times of these days are listed below. Wednesday, August 21, 10am to 1pm.  Sign in by 10:30am.  Wednesday, October 30th, 10am to 1pm.  Sign in by 10:30am. There will be Board members at these meeting to sign people in, assign jobs and ensure things run smoothly.  We hope that this will enable more members to participate in a workday.  The main community workdays will remain the Saturday workdays with potluck lunch and meeting and the following Sunday makeup day.  We understand, however, that this doesn't always work for members and hope that the midweek makeup option will be helpful to those that are unable to attend on weekends. The online calendar has been updated to reflect these new workdays. Thanks for reading and see you soon for more updates at the meeting. Regards,

Steven McCarthy

FMCG Board President