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Plot condition requirements

Hi everyone,  Just a reminder about some of the basic rules of keeping a plot at the FMCG.  Not adhering to these rules is, per the By-Laws and among other things, grounds for dismissal consideration.  In comparison to other community gardens' policies and enforcement, FMCG's are admittedly pretty lax.  We may look into stricter rules and/or enforcement in the future, but in the mean time:  

Gardeners must:

Keep plot weeded and mulched Keep pathways clear of weeds.  (Once crabgrass gets a hold, it can penetrate under and into your fun)Plot must be at least 50% planted.Thanks to everyone whose plot is in tip top shape!  Mostly, the garden looks good.  If you know you have not been tending your garden, and have difficulty keeping it up, maybe it's time to think about the realities of keeping your plot.  We will be sending out a plot report (a la Richard Pennington) sometime in the next few days, after reviewing the entire garden.   This is not an encouragement to leave but it is a call to, please, seriously think about it. It takes a lot to keep a plot in good condition and there is no shame in admitting it might be too much and moving on.  It might actually be a weight off your mind and free up some space to think about things you have more time and energy for.  I digress...  Regardless, the wait list is growing and untended plots will be encouraged to seriously consider the realities of keeping a plot or making the choice to move on. See some of you Saturday, Steve McCarthy FMCG Board President