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Notice by the Sergeant at Arms

Hi Gardeners

Please be aware that the new Sergeant at Arms will be inspecting the garden plots during August. Please bring your plot into compliance with the contract that you signed when you became a member of this wonderful garden.

Here is a list of items that will be noted by the Sergeant at Arms:

  • condition of your plot

  • condition of the box of your plot

  • the perimeter of your plot

  • the use of mulch

  • has the plot been cultivated in the past two seasons

  • any large trees in your plot

  • any storage of large materials not in current use in the plot. Your plot is not a storage room.

You will be notified by mail; email; and notice in your plot of any deficiencies. You will have 7 working days to correct the deficiencies or the Board of Directors will vote to terminate your membership.