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Greenhouse Activity

The greenhouse committee is at full strength and ramping up production of healthy non-GMO seedlings.  Presently we have some tomatoes in the lath house, and more stuff started in the greenhouse.

You can check the greenhouse front door to see some examples of what we have growing.  We have a new system - we take the seeds out of the seed packets, put them in plain envelopes, label the envelopes,  then laminate the seed packets and tape them inside the front door so you can see what's in the works.  We've just started doing that so the door doesn't have everything on it yet.

Then we put the laminated packet out in the lath house when we put out the seedlings - we suggest you take a photo of the packet (front and back) with your smart phone so you'll have a record of what you planted.

Normally you can take six seedlings of any one variety BUT with plants such as squash and tomatoes, we ask that you take only two.  Please put the bird cage back over the seedlings when you're done, the lath house doesn't have netting and there are gaps in the laths - we don't want to lose seedlings to the birds!

We're continuing to plant in the toilet paper and paper towel rolls, those have been very successful.  They can go directly into the ground, they will decompose.  So, keep them coming (there's a bin in the lath house where you can put them).

If you have any leftover seeds packed for 2019, please consider giving them to us to plant for the members.

Presently we're aiming for a 2:1 ratio of veggies to flowers, based on an informal survey of members' gardens.

Several months ago, somebody asked us to plant tarragon, if that person is on this list, we haven't forgotten, but I haven't been able to find it in local seed stores!

All suggestions are welcome. I'll be distributing a paper questionnaire (one per plot) in the next few days - please fill it out and return it to us, we want to know what you want us to grow!