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Garden Update

Hi everyone, A few items today:

  • Post election Board meeting

  • Makeup Workday is tomorrow: Sunday, April 7th 9-12

  • Email communication and contact issues

  • Compost and yard waste

Post election Board meeting

I was at the garden yesterday to meet with the members of the Board that were present. We had a good meeting and got to know each other a little better and discussed some of our priorities for the year. It was a good first meeting; we have an excellent mix of skill sets and experience. Positive energy and can-do attitude was the general theme and will serve us well as we approach the many projects to get done and work on throughout the year.

Makeup Workday tomorrow, Sunday April 7, 9am-12noon

There is a 1/2 marathon event tomorrow that may impact access to Fort Mason. I have called race organizers and have not yet heard back from them. If you are coming to the garden tomorrow, please enter by coming northbound on Franklin Street and crossing Bay. They will be letting cars through at that location. Taking a left or right off of Bay street may prove problematic.

Any yearly dues invoices will be distributed to those that were unable to make the annual meeting. Invoices that have not been distributed in person will be mailed, via USPS, after the weekend.

Email communication and contact issues

I emailed out an update that the meeting had been moved on March 21st. That being said, some members were at the garden last Sunday for the makeup workday and reported that they had not been informed of the meeting day change. My apologies to those members. We will be in contact and try and figure out what went wrong and make sure we have the correct contact information for you in our list.

This could be an indication that: I either have these members' email addresses wrong, my emails are getting blocked by a spam/junk mail blocker, or some other issue that I can't explain.

I heard that the free speech rally, which was the reason we decided to postpone the makeup workday, in Fort Mason last weekend was not as disruptive as anticipated. We had no way of knowing and tried to make the best call for our members as we could with the information we had at the time.

Compost and yard waste

  • Recology delivered compost last week. I was out of town and did not know it was being delivered. There was a small amount left as of last night. I empties a bunch of yard waste that had backed up but I left access to the remaining compost. Please do the same if you empty any barrels. I have asked them to deliver more ASAP and let me know before it happens so I can notify the membership. The photo attached shows the bin with compost on the right and green year waste (only) on the left.

Thanks everyone. See you soon.

Steve McCarthy

FMCG Board President