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Annual Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

March 16, 2019

Steve McCarthy presiding

Meeting called to order 12:10 p.m.

Welcome Members

Thank you to outgoing volunteer board members for their service and support to lead the garden: Richard Pennington, Cathy Dodd, Cynthia Woods and Pamela Mooney.

Election: Introduction of incumbents running for the board: Steve McCarthy, David Levine, Wendy Harris, Catz Forsman, Amy Choi, Linda Esposito, Carey Philliposian and Matt Plut.

Nominations and seconds were made from the members for Treasurer and General Directors:

Daisy Chin for Treasurer

Jim Lansing for Treasurer

Greg Harris for General Director

Cecy Korematsu for General Director

Jon Van Coops for General Director

Financial Report: The garden’s finances are in a healthy position. We will consider several capital improvement projects in 2019 that will require more than we have. Examples: fence, sheds, lath house.

Park Service Relationship Report: We have submitted our annual report. It has not yet been reviewed because of delays due to government shut down earlier this year. We believe we are in good standing and will have our permit renewed for another year.

General comments from membership:

• Please no trees taller than six feet because they cast shadows on neighboring plots. The board is considering adding this to the Garden Rules to make it official.

• Who is our membership coordinator? Gladys Reder monitors the wait list while Cindy Shaw helps with new member orientation. Carey is going to chair the Membership Committee and report back activities to the board.

Election Results: Ballots were counted by Wendy Harris, Pamela Mooney and Carole Isaacs.


President: Steve McCarthy

Vice President: David Levine

Treasurer: Daisy Chin

Sergeant at Arms: Cats Forsman

Secretary: Wendy Harris


Amy Choi

Linda Esposito

Greg Harris

Cecy Korematsu

Carey Philliposian

Matt Plut

Jon Van Coops

Meeting adjourned: 1:17