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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting

July 11, 2016

Cathy Dodd, Pamela Mooney, Lynda Scharg, Amy Choi, Micky Lee, Carole Isaacs, Adam Musch, Richard Pennington, Carey Philliposian

Copies of the minutes from the May Board meeting were passed around. Changes were discussed and made.

Move to approve minutes with the changes discussed by the board.

All in favor


Copies of the June minutes were passed out

Should we have executive minutes to record sensitive board discussions? Since all minutes are available to garden members it would not be possible to have a confidential set of minutes that are not open to review by garden members. No executive minutes will be created. A board member will be assigned to take executive session notes when necessary.

Motion to approve minutes to June 6 board meeting

All in favor


Open Board Positions

We really need a president as John had to relinquish the office. Carole Isaacs has expressed interest in being on the board. We are allowed 7 directors – which we already have. The board discussed with Carole the possibility of her assuming the role of president. Carole said that right now is not a good time for her to take on this responsibility. The board suggested that perhaps she can be president elect and then think about things and decide if that is something she wants to do. Carole is not sure if she is ready to take on the position of president. She could talk to Vicki to see what is involved to see if she would be able to take on that responsibility. She said she would think about it.

We need a membership chairperson. This position requires coordinating 4 different people –Pamela who manages the lockers, Cindy Shaw who does new member orientation, and Gladys Reder who maintains the waitlist, and another person who puts together a package of information for new members. Duties include when a gardener leaves, their plot goes up for trade. That will need to be posted. Then, the membership chairperson would need to look at the wait list and contact the next person on the wait list. Anyone? This person would not necessarily need to be on the board, if the membership chairperson would report to the board.

Carole mention that Joe said he would be happy to do an organized presentation on what to do about the tree trimming up on the hill. She also proposed that there is no reason not to expect people to pay $25 yearly to be on the waiting list, and also require them to come to a work day. There would need to be a contact person to direct the people on the wait list who would come to the workdays.

Treasurer’s Report

We have not spent a lot of money Main expense was water bill. We are in okay shape.

Late dues and fees: Top two people said the checks in the mail. Other two people we will contact. Perhaps send a registered mail. Catz recommended sending a certified letter to each.

Water Conservation Update

Week after last board meeting, Cathy met with Park Service. They charted and graphed last 10 years of data concerning billing. She passed out a summary of their analysis.

First we were under billed by 20, 000 in May 2012 – Nov 2014.

The park service also told Cathy that the meter for the lawn in front of Bldg 204 affects the FMCG meter and said they did not know about this meter until recently . They began to read it late in 2015 and made adjustments. They did that on our last bill. For prior periods they do not know what the readings were. They did some calculations. Their suggestion was to call it even since in one situation we owed them money and in one case they owed us money. They are looking at other parts of surrounding area to make sure that we are being billed fairly.

But do we owe the less than the billed amount? Should we start at 37,448.11 instead of 57,469.05 ( in step 2 of their calculations) ? Can they charge us for their mistake? Should we dispute this amount? They are saying between May 2012 and Nov 2014 we were under billed by $20,000? That is quite a lot of money, and not in keeping with the rate we were using water during previous periods. It would be fair to say (and even generous) the under billed amount should be more like 10,000. Given we owe about 57,000 for 10 years, that would be about $6000 a year – round to $10,000.

Perhaps negotiate the amount down to $10,000. Dale was the first to be involved in this issue perhaps we could talk to him about how this started. We have a lot of deferred maintenance to take care of which we could use this money to take care.

After discussing and reviewing the bills and analysis, the Board had several open questions and requested Cathy invite a representative from the Park Service to the next board meeting to discuss.

7. Sergeant at Arms Report

Richard provided the Sergeant at Arms Report and discussed meetings with several members regarding their plots, and resolutions to their issues. Richard said that members have been responsive and prompt in making repairs. Richard presented a draft of a diagram regarding best practices for plot management and the Board was supportive of publishing to the website.

8. Pre-Workday Assignments

The Board discussed pre-workday assignments as listed on the agenda

9. Aug 6th Workday Assignments

The Board discussed workday assignments.

Make up day is Aug 14th

Proposed Agenda for Work Day:

  1. Finances

  2. Watering guidelines

  3. Mulch progress

  4. Board governance update

Carey left meeting at 7:50pm

10. Common Areas

Cathy said the person caring for the Butterfly Garden and Mediterranean Garden can no longer do so, and asked for volunteers to help.

11. Website update

Micky reported that the website email system was working well

Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm

Agenda items for next meeting:

Surrogate gardeners