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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting

June 6, 2016

Cathy Dodd, Pamela Mooney, Richard Pennington, Amy Choi, Catz Forsman, Adam Musch, Lynda Scharf, John Brautovich, Micky Lee, Carey Philliposian, Carol Isaacs

Amy will redo the minutes and send them out again.

Still have open board positions. Looking for a membership chairperson and a president.

John gave a short speech about why he would like to be president of FMCG. Richard endorsed his nomination. John’s nomination and election would need to be voted on at the next workday meeting in August.

Richard nominated John Brautovich to be president of FMCG.


Approved with no objections.

We will have Vicki call John about what he can expect as president of FMCG.

Carol made a short speech as to why she would like to be a member of the FMCG board. She will attend a few more board meetings before she formally joins the board.

Treasurer’s report: Cathy

Copies of the treasurer’s report were passed around. We have a lot of money in because of dues. 90% of dues are in. Cathy will start on the tax returns that are due in the summer time. Use Amazon Smile! Our biggest expenditure was for the mulch.

The budget is on the back of treasurer’s report. Nothing surprising – we are doing as expected. We are even doing as expected in regard to the cash donations.

Donor recognition: The park service has not allowed us to have recognition plans – such as a brick or plaque with someone’s name on it. . Cathy will find out how to do this.

Dues and fees that are overdue: We have many gardeners who still owe money. Some gardeners are disputing the fees for missing a workday. A few say they attended the workday that they are being charged for as missing.

Cathy would like to waive the one missed workday fee for one garden member that is still outstanding. The garden member contacted Cathy and explained the situation. Cathy would like to waive the fee due to the fact that the garden member believes they attended that workday, they have been busy caring for family members, and they have donated money to the garden in the past.

Motion to waive $20 missed workday fee



Cathy wanted to know what we should do about the rest of the people on the list of fees due. Richard suggested we send strong reminder notices to the remaining garden members who have not paid their fees.

What should we do if we are still unable to collect even a small sum such as $20?

The amount of time spent to collect these small amounts of money is not time or cost effective. Other alternatives discussed such as discussing the situation at board meetings and sending out emails are also not time or cost effective.

Richard proposed we adopt a policy of 60 days of waiting for payment of any fees and then start dismissal procedures. We would give them a warning of course.

Motion to start dismissal procedures for any unpaid dues after 60 days and an email warning



Cathy will send the people on the list a letter or email warning them they are at risk of losing their plot if they do not pay missed dues.

Waivers for workday: garden members can tell any board member that they need a waiver for the workday. The board member will ask for a waiver for the garden member via email. The board will vote whether or not to approve the waiver via email.

According to our vote via email, we will warn garden members after they have missed 4 workdays in a row that they are in jeopardy of losing their plot and dismiss the garden member after they have missed 5 workdays in a row.

One garden member missed 5 workdays in a row. However, they asked us for our forbearance so they do not lose their plot. There was very poor communication with the board concerning this matter, however it was not until we threatened dismissal that the member addressed the issue.

Richard proposed he send them a letter requesting a perfect record on workday attendance.


All in favor.

Sergeant in Arms: Richard

Richard will order lumber because there are a lot of plots to repair. Mulch has arrived. Only about 10% left. Yay! Garden members will be expected to cover their whole plot.

Some people have gotten their own mulch. Cathy reminded Richard that $1,500 was already approved for lumber purchase at the May Board Meeting.”

Gate/shed update: no news here.

At the makeup workday garden members reinforced the right hand gate so it should last a little bit longer. Thanks makeup work day gardeners!

Bench repair: estimate $200 for lumber for bench repair. Richard and John will put a list together of the supplies needed for the bench repair for Russ and then Russ can go shopping for the supplies.

Richard will make a list of plots that are in disrepair, and he will contact the gardeners about maintaining their plot.

One garden member has double –height plot boards on south-facing side. The NPS was concerned only because, when they first saw it, they were afraid it impinged on historical building foundation. They were OK with it once they viewed it up close. The structure should be less visible once plants are growing around it.

Who has keys to the shed with the power tools? Do not hand out the keys to the shed to garden members. Please let Cathy know who is given a set of keys. We have had problems with tools disappearing. Perhaps it would be a good idea change the lock and start from scratch.

We also should change the combination for the greenhouse. Perhaps change the lock or combination each year.

Ongoing Assignments: annual review for National Park Service. They would like to know what we have done during the year, the demographics of our visitors and gardeners, and some financial numbers. John said he will work one it.

Trash and Dumpster Pickup: who will make sure the trash and dumpster are put out for pickup early Tuesday morning? Any volunteers? You will also need to put the trash and dumpster back. John, Carol and Russ will coordinate to get this done.

Water: we are talking to park service about the billing. Early in February we asked the park service to look at our bill. We were wondering if our line was being tapped. So park service has been looking into the situation. They are looking to see if there are any other lines attached onto our bill.

Water usage curtailment measures

Many are using mulching. Thank you gardeners. Perhaps we could re- pipe the entire garden. While initially expensive, this might be a good investment. It would be a way to address the fact that there are garden members that continue to use a lot of water. John suggested we try to get control of the water. Then we will be able to figure out what is going on with water. We could get locks to eliminate some of the miss- use of the water. Or, we could have a special assessment for water usage. We will continue to do research and discuss different solutions to water problems and reassess

Website update

Have 39 subscribers. Micky is experimenting with some different apps to send out email blasts. Micky will not be keeping a member list on the website.

John and Micky will talk about other methods of communication such as facebook.

Motion to change meeting to second Monday in the month.



Meeting adjourned!