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Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting

March 7, 2016

Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Cathy Dodd, Lorraine Sorensen, Jenna Hobbes, Richard Pennington, Jim Lansing, Amy Choi, Lynne Avrill

Motion to approve the minutes



Treasurer’s report: Cathy

Same as usual. We got our seed money of $455. Thanks Vicki. We will probably need to adjust the numbers on the budget a little bit for next year. Some things we know we will have to change, for example the water and lumber. On the current budget we were optimistic in some places and pessimistic in other places. There are quite a few plots that need replacing. It is about $250 to $300 a plot. There are about 10 that need complete rebuilding.

Should we keep the dues at $80 a year?

Motion: All in favor of keeping dues at $80 a year


Cathy passed around the workday schedule for next year; is it ok?

Is the draft of the contract and bill for dues to be sent to the garden members ok?

We will vote on this via email and Vicki will check with the Park service about any events they may have on the calendar that were not considered when making the calendar and setting the workday dates.

Sergeant in Arms: Richard

Should Richard send an email out to gardeners who have not been tending their plots? Should we send a general email? Vicki will include Richard’s notice in her email with the general newsletter.

ADA Latch

Kitty wants to use the lever type latch where you just push down on it to open the gate. There is a stainless steel one that will not rust. Lynne will organize communicating with the Park service about the plans. Richard will call Kitty to clarify questions we have about her design before we submit plan to Park service.


We can do whatever we want with the old web site that Victoria had managed, and we also have the one Jenna built. Jenna’s website has a calendar, a donate page, members only page and other functionalities that the old web site did not have.

Perhaps the new webmaster could make the logo bigger.

Motion: Should we use .org not .com

Unanimous for .org.

Micky is our new webmaster to work with the website Jenna started up for us .

Will put a link on the .com address so that people will be redirected to the .org site.

We will do fence repair on workday. Would like to get approval for an expenditure to purchase the stakes for the fence. Want to get about 10 posts fixed.

Motion: approve expenditure, not to exceed $200, for steel stakes for fence repairs

Unanimously approved

Liz Pamela Lorraine will do sign in. Need to pay dues by check. If necessary can put dues paid in cash in an envelope.

Put people in teams of three for weeding.

Ballots – Pamela will bring the ballots.

Need some buckets for weeding. Liz will go by and get some at Cole.

Motion: buy 10 5 gallon buckets at about $6 each

Approved unanimously

If it looks like rain will try to send something out Thursday night to cancel the meeting and then shift the meeting to the makeup workday.

Lynne will write the names on the board for the election.

Will have volunteers garden members to count the ballots.

Meeting adjourned!