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Board Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2016 FMCG Board Meeting Minutes Board Members present: Cathy Dodd, Richard Pennington, Linda Sharg, David Levine, Catz Forsman, Steven McCarthy, Amy Choi, and Micky Lee Garden Members: David Rogers, Carole Issacs, Joe Bragado, and Jim Lansing 1. The meeting was called to order at 6:03pm by Treasurer, Cathy Dodd. 2. Executive Session regarding plot Assignment Dispute (Details in Executive Session File): a. The gardeners presented their perspectives in regard to their plot assignment dispute. b. After listening to the positions of all three gardeners. The Board had a closed session to discuss the case and voted on the issue. An

Email will be sent to three gardeners in writing about this decision. 3. Open Board Positions to fill: David Levine was nominated for the Vice President position and all approved. No one from the Board volunteered for the President Position. 4. Treasurer’s Report by Cathy Dodd : a. Checking Account balance at $25411.84 and Saving Account Balance at $8209.48 b. FY20162017 Budget vs. actual income and expenses through May2, 2016 was presented. c. Donor Recognition Plan David & Cathy will discuss details and report back next time. d. Dues & fees received: 74% membership dues had been collected for the year. e. Fees in dispute (Details in Executive Session file): f. The Board believes that it will be necessary to develop guidelines on waivers for workday absence. g. Missed workday report: members who missed five consecutive workdays already will be directed to Richard Pennington to contact and

follow up with the dismissal process. (Details in Executive Session file) 5. Sergeant at Arms Report by Richard: a. Richard estimated that we need to purchase 12 more boards and 4x4’s for repairing 3 plots. The Board voted and approved the budget of $1500 for purchase of lumber. b. Mulch purchase: Richard will look into the price difference and buy some for the garden. c. Gate and shed repair update: No details from Kitty and Richard will work on it more on it. d. Other repairs: to be reported next time. 6. Pre-workday Assignments: a. Ordering of dumpster will be arranged by Cathy b. Food and supply lists from Jim Lansing will be purchased by Micky Lee. c. Drinks and Ice – Steve will help pick up drinks and work on some beer sampling if possible. 7. Workday Assignments to be determined and communicated: a. Set up tables, Ice chests etc.. b. Sign in sheets and sign in: Cathy will provide Pamela and Amy with sign in sheets c. Workday minutes: by Pamela? d. Grillmaster: Dick Wayman e. Kitchen Chief: Jim Lansing f. Run the meeting: Richard g. Agenda items: State of FMCG Finances; watering guidelines; waiver guidelines; website updates; mulch deadline May 31, 2016. 8. Website Updates by Micky Lee: Thanks to many hours spent by Micky. Our new website is close to completion with the following domain name: 9.Membership coordinator is still needed to fill for Lorraine - Main role of Membership chair person is to coordinate the membership

committee which is made up of four members currently:

Garden lockers List maintained by Pamela Mooney Orientation by Cindy Shaw Wait list Maintained by Gladys Reder New Member Package by Benji Jurcisin Meeting ended at about 8:03PM.