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Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting

April 4, 2016

Present: Carey Philliposian, Micky Lee, Richard Pennington, Amy Cho, Pamela Mooney, Cathy Dodd, Lynda Scharg

Cathy (and Pamela but really Cathy, thank you Cathy for taking this on) will run the meeting since we do not have a president.

Motion to approve the minutes



Pamela will send MIcky a final copy of the minutes to be posted on the website

Introductions: all the board members introduced themselves.

Cathy passed around the contact list for the board members. Board members reviewed the contact list and provided corrections. The list will be posted on website

We need to choose a president and vice president and then present it to the garden members

Cathy proposes calling David Levine and asking him if he would like to be president.

Would anyone here like to be president? Vice president?

We need someone to do membership. Richard would perhaps be willing to take on some of the responsibilities. Cynthia will take on the responsibility of doing orientation for new members. Gladys will take on the responsibility of the wait list and applications.

The By-laws say we need a 12 person board. Right now we only have ten because we don’t have a president and vice president. We could ask Lynne and Catz, who were the next in line in the election results, to be on the board. Cathy will call them to confirm with them that they are still interested in being on the board and then they can start attending the board meetings immediately.

Treasurer’s report: Cathy

There was some confusion at workday meeting about being in the red. We were over the budget in some budget line items but not in the red as far as our overall income vs. expenses at our fiscal year end March 31, 2016.

Members are baffled by our high water usage since we have been good about mulching and conserving water. But perhaps this is just a misconception. With the drought perhaps we are using more water than before.

Some board members have seen homeless living in the garden.

We will probably provide straw again as mulch. Water with the hose should be off limits. Perhaps we should take the hoses off.

We can do another mulch order.

Lynda is wondering how can our water bill be so high when there are not many people here during the day?

Last year we had alpha and rice straw.

Should we get some compost? We already got compost garden members will need to come to get the compost before it is gone.

Rent bill needs approval to be paid.

Motion to pay the rent bill


Approved unanimously


This last fiscal year we got most of our members to pay their dues on time. Thanks to Vicki we had a lot of donations. We can see the budgeted expenses were over what we estimated, however since our actual income was 17,718 and our actual expenses were 17009 we were in the black for the year by $709 is another source of income that we should encourage members to use.

Micky would like to put the list of projects we want to get done on to the website. Then when we finish the project we can celebrate that by posting its completion.

On our budget we underestimated the water expenses.

We underestimated the food expense and we went over budget there. The windows went over budget too.

Draft for this year’s budget is on the back of last year’s budget.

Cathy put some comment in to explain how she calculate the new budget. What does the board think?

It costs $200 - $300 to rebuild plots although that can vary. Richard expects to do about 10 plots per year. Cathy increased the budget for water. Any changes? The board will look it over and email Cathy if they have any comments or ideas about the budget.

Sergeant of Arms: Richard Pennington

The gate drawing is not clear. We will need to clarify our plans.

The cost for the sheds will be a lot more than the budgeted $5000. Richard will get some estimates soon. The plans will need to be up to ADA standards too. Perhaps the park could help with the costs of these improvements. Richard has the contact information for the person in charge of improvements

Website – Micky

Board members should go in and register to check out our new website. Micky will review all requests for access to the members only part of the website. There is an option for board members to receive emails through the website, and then you can set it up so that these emails are sent to your personal email address.

We have about 3 plots that will be coming available and will go to members first.

Micky could take a picture of the available plots and then post it on the website. Cathy will ask Lorraine for an electronic copy of the map.

Lynda would like to have an art show. Talk to Dierda Wineburg

Motion to adjourn

Meeting adjourned