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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden Board Meeting Minutes for February 1, 2016

Board members present: Cathy Dodd, Lorraine Sorensen, Jim Lansing, Amy Choi, Richard Pennington, Jenna Hobbs, & Liz Nolan

Vicki Dum (President) called the meeting to order at 6:06pm

Vicki shared with the Board a letter she has written to Nicki to inform her relatives in regard to her plot’s upcoming year’s upkeep since we heard that Nicki has moved to a care facility and therefore most likely cannot keep up with the physical demand of gardening in coming seasons. Most board members showed appreciation of a very well written and warm hearted letter from Vicki for Nicki in recognition of her many years involvement with FMCG.

Richard proposed to approve, Liz seconded and all approved the motion to approve the minutes from January’s board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report by Cathy Dodd:

Garden’s total income is $17217.63 YTD (within 3.88% variance of our 2015-2016 budget)

Garden’s total expenses were $15752.64 YTD ( with water expenses over three times 2015-2016 budget)

Our bank balance was $15303.67 in checking and $8209.08 in saving account. Total Assets: $23512.75

Ongoing projects

  1. Investigate possibility of install a locked mail box inside the garden, maybe in our shed.

  2. Institute control system for garden purchasing and disbursements

  3. Inventory and label all FMCG owned tools, kitchen items

  4. We need to file with the Secretary of State of CA with our non-profit status every other year. We got $50 penalty this year for not able to file on time.

We need to put this on the calendar for the next years’ board as the list of things to do.

Sargent at Arms Report by Richard Pennington:

Richard did not have too much to report this month due to a quiet time in the garden during the raining season. Richard will follow up on plot#76 regarding his standing. Richard will do a general survey in few weeks ahead to report back by next month.

Membership Report by Lorraine Sorensen:

Plot# 118 will be available to garden members and waitlist next

We will need to check with workday status of plot#21 and #79.


  1. ADA Latch for the front gate: Kitty Myer has completed drawings and is waiting to hear back from the Latch guy soon about the alternative to current latch. When she hears back, we can submit plans to Kim Sykes for approval.

  2. Website is in progress. We paid for the Wix account and Jenna will work on the draft by next month’s board meeting. The goal is to have the site up by workday by 3/12/16.

  3. Tree trimming: Brazilian pepper tree trimming was done. Approval was given to pay the bill. Drew reported extended time needed to do the work than estimated due to Jim’s supervision. During the trimming work, NPS staff came over and noticed some of the workers were not wearing proper safety equipment. For future work in to be done in the garden, we should make sure that contractors and their staffs be equipped with safety gears and James Sword be notified if the job will involve using heavy machinery /tools.

  4. Board Candidates for next year: Few members indicated interest to run for vacancies in coming year’s FMCG Board. Vicki will work on the coming year’s work day calendar.

  5. Fence Repair: Richard estimated 25 each 8’ metal posts will be needed to repair our perimeter fence. We have donation from members to cover for about $150 in cost. The board approved the purchase of these posts for the upcoming workday in March to carry out the repair.

  6. Mail Box updates: We cannot put anything on the door. Cathy will try to talk to Melvin the NPS mail handler to see how other NPO’s get their mails and if we can get the similar service. Installing a locked box in our shred has been proposed.

Liz proposed a motion to adjourn the meeting. All agreed and the meeting ended at 7:09pm.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Choi