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Board Meeting Minutes

Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Cathy Dodd, Lorraine Sorensen, Jenna Hobbes, Richard Pennington

Absent: Amy Choi, Lynne Avrill, Jim Lansing

Motion to approve the minutes



Treasurer’s report: Cathy

Only major expense was the water bill. It was slightly less than the bill for last billing period. We are in the process of giving out acknowledgements for donations to the garden for tax purposes. We will have to do our line item budget soon for next year.

Income from the holiday party was $375. We made a profit of $163 after expenses were paid and gifts given to Dick (for all his great cooking) and Jim for providing his lovely house. Thanks Liz for all your work!

Sergeant in Arms: Richard

There is nothing to report. It is a very quite time of year.

Membership: Lorraine

Two new gardeners will have their orientation this week. Plot 118 will be available. It will be posted so that members to change their plot if they want.

Garden #98 is falling apart.

ADA Latch

Kitty is still involved in some large project and is hoping to have time to pay attention to this problem soon


No luck moving forward with finding someone to do back work on website.

David said it would cost about $6000 to have someone do it. Vicki talked to GODADDY and they informed her that the .org website had not been renewed, so Vicki renewed it. Renewal is $100 and the monthly cost is about $8.

Jenna can make a quick template using Wicks for us to see if that will be cheaper. Jenna will call Wicks to see how much it will cost. We don’t want to spend more than $300.

Motion: we will set aside $300 for Jenna to start up a web site


Approved unanimously

Park service paid for the pine tree. Vicki could not get Drew from Agrifolia to commit to a date. So may need to call someone else.

About 12 people said they did not get compost. So Vicki will check the long range weather forecast and plan for another compost delivery. We should try to get the compost delivered inside the gate.

Lets ask David Assman to come in the Spring to talk about bird watching.

Inpromptu Pot Lucks: a good way to gage garden members interest in the garden.

We talked to Chad to see if we can have a mailbox installed for the garden. We need a locked mailbox.

Sheds: are we ready for an estimate? Are sheds more important or fence? The fence is falling down. We should get a work crew to do that and we have enough money left in the budget for the supplies. It might cost us about $2-$3000 for this type of repair. Will fix the fence before we address the shed repair.

Motion to adjourned