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Board Meeting Minutes

FMCG Board Meeting 12/7/2015 6:02pm Vicki Dum, Liz Nolan, Lorraine Sorensen, Amy Choi, Richard Pennington, Cathy Dodd, Jenna Hobbs Call to order Motion to approve minutes from 11/2/15 on hold until minutes are printed

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy Dodd Cathy: Most recent water bill just under $1800 (for 100 days/3 months). Previous bill to this most recent one was just over $1800 (for 75 days/2 ½ months) Richard: Rainfall to date only 1/3 amount as normal, 1/2 as much as last year’s rain Cathy: Expenditures difficult to get mail from Park Service have to ‘catch the mailman’ - Propose to get a locking mailbox Richard: letter slot on door to small house? Cathy: Mail shouldn’t be available to just anybody

Cathy: Motion to explore getting a mailbox Richard second Unanimous

Cathy: light on corner of building and on staircase could be fixed get 23 solar lights like on staircase? Richard: Solar lights are cheaply made, don’t work very well dust on solar panel can affect their potency, lights have a limited life span. Should work with what garden already has.

Sergeant at Arms Report: Richard Pennington Mr. Blackman’s plot being reassigned. Called, left voicemail, sent email, no card sent Shed replacement drawings: - Survey of yard, levels may need to resurface courtyard - comes down to $$$ - Park service take over? - John, contractor, may be available to help - ADA approved ramp must have 1’’ height to 12’’ length ratio - Would have ADA approved doors - idea for shed with retaining wall behind it, 12’ high against retaining wall, 8’ high on the south

facing side

- Current shed: 264 sq ft, new shed proposed: 240 sq ft

Russ: Shed could have separate area for tools, supplies? Richard: Shed would have locked cabinets Vicki: Small building for lockers? Richard: Having 1 shed is more efficient Russ: What about lumber storage? Richard: Have racks for lumber - Power to shed? Cathy: Garden needs to prioritize projects such as the shed, fence Richard: Will get estimate, talk to Park Service (Kim), as well as research ADA licensing Cathy: Can we (the garden) build the new shed? Vicki: Park Service would want continuity with the look of the other buildings

Membership Report Lorraine 3 plots reassigned: 48 (ALTschool), 36, 88a (Benadette Festa) Reassigning: 26, 98, 116

Programs Report Liz Liz: Annie’s almost didn’t work out Vicki: 1 person showed for above, waste of time Amy: 10 people showed for talk about soil amendment, went well, people generally learned

something Liz: Solstice Party: 2730 in attendance, including host. A lot of fun Cathy: Master Gardeners of San Francisco may offer classes. Cynthia Shaw point person for this (plot 43) Vicki: Receipt for Solstice Party from Dick Waymen not yet received. 2014 spent $90 2015: $118 spent, $387 received = $269 profit

Other news: Vicki Brazilian Pepper Tree Pruning: Agrifolia, Drew Landers said he would try to come 12/1, 12/2, 12/4,

and did not. Hopefully soon… Pine Tree Pruning: “Not yet entered contract” NPS, Reyes. Contracting with Davey Tree to prune

Presidio and Ft. Mason $2,300 quote from Davey Tree, in Vicki’s words a “hack shop” Vicki: Compare to Bartlett Tree: $3,296 ($996 more). We could pay the difference for a more

considerate pruning job (take less off tree because it is stressed from drought) Liz: Spend the $ for people who know what they’re doing

Liz move to hire Bartlett Richard second All in favor: 6/7

Amy: Don’t want to become responsible for the tree from now on since we are covering the

difference seedmoney. org $485 in donations

Liz: Move to adjourn Lorraine: Second 6:53pm meeting adjourned