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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden Board meeting

March 2 2015

Lynne, Amy, Lorraine, Cathy, Pamela, Vicki, Liz, Richard

Workday jobs

Pamela will do check in and handing out tickets

Possible work assignment:

Judy’s garden

Move plants for Lynne

Clear pathways near retaining wall, and near Di Martini’s plot

Lower wall area

Area near bench by lower wall

Need weeds off hill in native plant area

Take out mallow

Kitchen helper

Box repairs

Clean kiosk

Column on sign in sheet for where people will be working

Bring a map

Put people on an area until area is filled up

Garden forks: Russ found some. We need about 5. Lets get 6. Lets put some bright tape or spray paint a strip on the handle so we can find them if they are left in the garden

Motion to buy forks



Approval on minutes:

Motion to approve



Workday: March 14

Treasurers Report

The dollar amounts not changed

Still putting the budget together

Cathy will not be able to come to meeting to make a report, but will give it to Vicki

Working on due statements

Letter sent to IRS to conform the accounting period to state accounting period. The date in the reminder to file is the date we requested.

Membership statements: need to check that the workday dates will work

Dates look good. No special events scheduled for the meadow on those dates. Cathy will send the schedule to our liaison.

Sergeant of Arms Richard

Repaired 5 plots. Put in some new plots. Reviewed the garden plots again to see which plots need work. Richard will send out some postcards with various messages including we will be fixing your garden, please clean up the plot etc.

Lumber: one place was more expensive; one place did not even have the lumber we want. Found it and was promised a good price. However it was not in stock. But they will deliver.

A lot of our new members have really got going on their plots.

Will tell the gardeners that have not been attending their plots they will need to have their plot cleaned up by workday. If it is not cleaned up, then we will not send them a bill to renew their membership

There are places with free mulching. Some places will deliver. We want something that will break down. Richard is looking for alfalfa or something like that. Another option is to pick it up or tell members where to get it and they can go pick it up on their own.

Is there alternative mulch that is more attractive for the flower gardens.

Maybe bring some samples and have a mini lesson on mulching.

Mulching should be done by May 9th

Someone outside the board will need to count the ballots.

Russ found the easel board for the names.

We do need a written ballot

Pamela will do ballot

Most of the current board is re-running

Call the meeting to order a little early to start election.

How will we have the line up for the lunch

Put tickets in the bowl as approach lunch line

Liz will call about the homeless person that has been staying here

Ask Doug to work on sound system.

Web site: need the domain name released to us. The web site manager said the domain name is paid through July. Need to put a link on it to our new web page with is dot org.

Move to adjourned