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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden Board meeting

Feb 2 2015

Amy, Lorraine, Cathy, Pamela, Richard, Liz

Approval of the minutes

Motion to approve


Unanimously approved

Treasurer’s report

Pretty much the same as last time. Water bill comes about every 3 months, so we will see that soon.

Plot Report - Richard

We will need some lumber soon because we have to rebuild a lot of plots. Would like nine 20 foot boards. It would be probably be easiest if Richard ordered them and then gave us the bill. Cathy can look at the receipts to find out where we got the boards from in the past. Richard will call around too. Would like to get it fairly soon. Dale may know too. We certainly want new members to have a nice plot to start off with.

We need to turn over these plots quickly as people are waiting a long time on the waiting list.

There are a few more plots we need to add to our unattended list.

Maybe on workday we could work on the pathways.

Richard will compose an email to send to all the members to inform them that now is a good time to do some weeding because the ground is moist and it is easy to pull the weeds as they are quite large.

We should have some more get togethers to create community – maybe with some competitions like best zucchini.

We should have an updated roster by workday next month.

Repairs and Maintenance

Front gate, kitchen window repair, bathroom light fixture, outside lighting

Part of problem to doing these projects is that we have to go through the park service, and our little house is considered an historical building. The park service says we owe them a window. We need to make sure they approve of the window.

Need to figure out what is wrong with the window in the little house.

Need to put a light in bathroom – there are wires hanging down but no fixture.

Vicki informed the park service that we could not afford to fix the fence. In regard to replacing the fence our best option might be to get a chain link fence and then cover the fence with vines. The park service gave Vicki a book containing the process to make repairs. We should have Richard oversee the projects since he has experience with contract work.


Up to date budget was passed around.

We need to do a budget for next year.

We could use similar numbers for the upcoming year for many of the categories. We went through each line item to come up with new budget figures for the new fiscal year.

Should we have an annual dues increase? The board decided no, not at this time.

We need to start saving up for the replacement of the fence, which will have to happen sometime soon. However, right now might not be best time for a fee increase. Perhaps we should make a list of upcoming expenses, and then do some fundraisers. Also, raising the annual fee $5 will not bring in too much money.

We should bring up at the next work day that there are a lot of upcoming expenses having to do with deferred maintenance. It would help to bring up some actual figures.

Non-member lunch attendees at work day

We have a lot of people showing up for lunch that did not work. To ensure we will have enough food, all garden members will be given a ticket, and any non-member will need to pay $5. All members need to contribute a dish for the potluck.

Pamela will get the tickets.


Maggie will start planting in the greenhouse


Should mulching be mandatory? Yes.

Motion: make it mandatory to mulch in their garden.


All in favor


motion to adjourned