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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden Board meeting

January 6. 2015

Doug Robinson, Lorraine Sorensen, Liz Nolan, Vicky Dunn,Cathy Dodd, Richard Pennington Russ, Lynne Averill, Amy Choi, Pamela Mooney Minutes passed around for review Minutes approved Post Office All good with park service, We need to make sure the mail gets to Vicki or Cathy. It is a little confusing right now. Maggie has been bringing the mail over, but we need to organize the timing on this so mail gets dealt with in a timely manner. Two donations from members yay! Amazon Smile Donation: set up by Maggie, so money is going to her since she set it up. Need a handout with instructions on how to set up an amazon smile account at our meeting for members. Is it okay to leave it in her name with all her contact information? Vicki will ask Maggie if she wants to keep it in her name or can change some of the contact information. Cole hardware has our GGNRA address. Liz will pursue further, and will talk to a manager to make sure we get our donation. Plot Report: Richard

Some plots have become available: 3, 5, 7, 47, 57, 79 some other plots are being neglected, so the members were given some advice as to how to manage their gardens. Plot 40: is a school. They did not get back to Richard The plot will be reassigned Plot 45a; has until end of January. Richard will call him again. 81: told members to start to tend plot or they will have to leave. 110 : has not been tended, left message 18: has been reassigned, but nothing is going on. Will talk about this more. Contacted Steve as well but did not hear back from him. Children’s Art Center is leaving, so we should try to replace it with another community group. Now down to only 3 community groups who hold memberships. Let us all come back next month with some possible groups that might be interested in having a plot. It is hard to get a group to commit and be consistent. We could ask at local public schools and after school programs to see if they are interested in a plot. Should we require the groups to pay dues? Lets think about these issues, including how many plots will be for community groups, and how much they will pay. Long Now Foundation: can a group partner with an individual gardener? A group should not be able to help an individual with plot. A friend would be okay. We could potentially give the group their own plot. . Vicki will call her and tell her. Party Costs and Review nice party Turned a profit. Estimate from Dick for his costs was $100 . He will send the invoices for reimbursement. Vicki talked to him recently to confirm. $75 gift certificate amazon for a thank you. Will move budget discussion to next time. Need a point person for membership, a contact person. Motion to adjourn meeting adjourned