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Board Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden Board meeting

Nov 3, 2014

Emily, Amy, Lorraine, Cathy, Pamela, Vicki, Liz, Halie

We went on a walk to view the progress on the pathway and Connie explained what she has been doing.

Motion: Connie will continue to work above the common area with roses -at the top of the wall (on the west part of the wall), clearing the path and placing potted plants, along the pathway. We also authorize Connie to obtain plants to put in the pots.

Seconded Pamela and Cathy

Vote: unanimous

Minutes approved from last board meeting.

Pamela will post the workday meeting minutes on bulletin board in the little house.

Budget: Cathy

Holding steady in our accounts

Maggie, Vicki and Cathy are looking to get a PO box with a limited number of keys.

This way more than one person can access the mail. The cost of a PO box depends on size of the box and length of time. The best location would be the post office in the Marina. We need continuity in our address. Also, a PO box would be good for donations

We will check out access at the park service in regard to mail pick up. Ideally we would like to have more people to have access to the mail.

Vickie and Cathy will ask Maggie about access to mail from park service office.

Budget verses expenses: Included in this category are the fence repairs

No update on grant letter: Vicki wrote the letter but has not heard back

First year we have a partner fee.

Another option for accepting donations is to use Pay Pal. Pay pal probably not a good idea due to the percentage Pay Pal collects from each transaction. anyone can use this for their purchases, and then a percentage of purchase goes to us as a donation!

Liz will change the recipient address for our Cole Hardware donation to:

FMCG care of GGRA building 201

Vicki will post a notice on how to donate money on the kiosk.


Cindy said she will do the walk through with new members.

Lorraine updated the functions of the membership chairperson. Someone can use this as a guide, and delegate some of the jobs. Emily will help with the roster, and send out notices.

Pamela will take over sign in list at workday

Winter solstice party

December 13

Motion to adjourn