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Workday Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

Workday Minutes

October18, 2014

Opening: Maggie

Some bad news, while she will still be a member of the FMCG board, Lorraine is retiring from her position as membership chairperson, and will no longer be handling membership. Emily has stepped up to work as one of the chairpersons on the membership committee. We need some more people to step up and help out.

David Rogers volunteered to help out on membership too.

All the plots have been assigned! But not all are being taken care of. Please be sure to weed around your plot so weeds don’t spread.


Liz Nolan created a drought policy for the garden which she will post in the kiosk.

  • Use drought tolerant plants that need less water

  • Use lots of compost and mulch

  • Use plastic water bottles for deep watering to avoid water evaporation

  • Water low and slow, then pull mulch over the wet soil to prevent water evaporation

  • Water early or late in the day


Holiday party: Winter Solstice Celebration, December 13 (12.13.14)

Jim Blattner agreed to host the party at his house in Pacific Heights.

Please pre-pay for the party so we know how many guests to plan for.

Ticket: $15.

Bring an appetizer, desert, or side dish. Dick has agreed to prepare the main course.

Victoria is in charge of T-Shirts.

There is a donation cup on the table if you did not bring a dish for our pot luck today..

Meeting adjourned!