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Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2014 – 5:00 pm

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Maggie Perry, Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Lorraine Sorensen, Stephen deHaviland, Doug Robinson, Amy Choi, Richard Pennington, Lynn, Russ, Emily

Move to adopt minutes


Approved unanimously.

Budget/Garden Project Status

Not a lot of change from last report. Maggie will email the status of funds. Doug, Richard, Russ, and Steve have finished the lathe house. Now they are working on the restoration of the Kiosk. Thank you for all your hard work and time. They also have rebuilt some plots.

The entrance gate needs work. All the gates need to be looked at. We may be able to get away with some temporary fixes to improve accessibility. We will need to look up the ADA guidelines for the gates to be in compliance.

Grants – Vicki

Vicki has some ideas about where we might be able to get some funding for repairs. The Cedar Tree Foundation in Massachusetts has grants available for nonprofit organizations. Vicki has started a letter to them, describing the garden and what we do here, and she will send it off with our permission. She will include pictures of the plots, lathe house, greenhouse and include pictures of what we need to fix. We can ask for $60,000 to replace the fence. Thanks Vicki!

Membership – Lorraine

While she will remain a member of the FMCG board, Lorraine will no longer be handling membership. She just reassigned 4 gardens. She is available to help whomever will take on this important and time consuming task. Emily volunteered to work with someone to take over this board position.


Richard sent out about 10 notices to gardeners who have not been keeping up their plots. Some pathways continue to be almost impassable. Some members still have not paid their dues.

In regard to common areas, Judy’s garden needs to be cared for. There is a couple who want to take over a common area – perhaps they would be a good choice for this job. Will call them to see what is up and then perhaps let them start to work on this area with the supervision of a garden member.

Work Day

There is a lot of weeding that needs to be done. Also some planting on the hill. We still need plots built. We can put a team on fixing plots that only need some minor repairs.

Richard has a list of about 5 – 6 plots that need repairs and replacement. We will put a crew in Judy’s garden to week. Toni Kramer could supervise it.

Water Policy

We should post a list made by Sloat of drought tolerant plants.

Harvest Moon

This was lots of fun.

Holiday Party

Jim Blatner said he could host the party at his house. Possible dates are 1st Friday or Saturday or 2nd Friday or Saturday of December.

Should we cater the party? Vicki said she would call Dick to see if he might be willing to be hired for this event.

We will have tickets. $15 per person (send checks to Vicki) or $10 if you bring a desert or appetizer.

Vicki will make a hand-out about the party.


Many visitors come and would like to make a donation. Should we put a sign in kiosk with an address of where to send a donation? And maybe some envelopes with the address that we want the donation to go to? We could also set up a Pay Pal account.

Emily said she will help to set up a pay pal account and make sure the tax id information is correct.

Meet adjourned.