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Board Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2014 – 5:00 pm

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Maggie Perry, Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Lorraine Sorensen, Stephen deHaviland, Doug Robinson, Amy Choi, Cathy Dodd, Richard Pennington, Emmett Stuart, Alexandria

Move to adopt minutes


Approved unanimously.

Work day Review:

Good work during work day, we got a lot done. The northeast corner is all cleaned up. We fixed up some plots and extended the life of some plots with boards that needed reinforcement. We need some more lumber which we will have to order. Liz said it was easy to assign gardeners work since we had made a list of jobs that needed to be done. We can use this same list on the make-up work day. Richard will be here on the make-up day, at least for a while, to get some gardeners working on preventative maintenance of plots.

Budget: Cathy Dodd

The numbers have not changed much in terms of the two bank accounts. Cathy will be working on making sure all our government fillings are up to date, since it appears that they are not. She will also try to figure out if we can get all the accounting periods to begin and end at the same time. Cathy suggested we try to organize purchasing so that we can take advantage of bulk purchases. Perhaps if there is only one person responsible for the purchase of a particular item we will not only save money but it will also put us in a position to be more accurate and realistic when we make our budget (we tend to be over budget on our purchases).

There are still some members who have not paid their dues – about 5 left. Maggie will contact them.

Wait Listed Volunteers

It was suggested that we thank our volunteers before we begin lunch at work day so they know how much we appreciate their time and help.

Some people have questioned who is monitoring people who are not members of the garden but who volunteer their time to help us out. It should not be the case that they work anywhere they want without supervision. Some of the volunteers have some knowledge about gardening and some do not. We certainly want to encourage volunteers, especially since many members do not help out very much in the common areas or during work day. We need to have a policy in place to guide us on how to best utilize this resource and to communicate with the volunteers how they can be the most useful.

To achieve this, we can tighten up our list of common area team leaders. These leaders should be the contact person for the volunteers and should be responsible for directing and supervising not only garden members who help them, but the volunteers as well. Some volunteers will need more supervision than others, and some may need to be supervised directly. But certainly once the main objective has been communicated, a volunteer with experience would not need to be directly supervised. To facilitate communication, maybe the team leaders can communicate with their helpers via email.

Lorraine and Vicki will work on organizing the team leaders and creating a list of the team leader for each common area. Richard will create a garden policy regarding volunteer responsibilities.

Membership: Lorraine

We have 7 new members, and 4 plots are coming up. Lorraine will post the plots in September.

Richard Pennington

There are still some overgrown plants in some plots. Richard will send out a postcard to 10 of the worst cases. If the issue is not resolved by September 1st, the board will have to take care of the plants.

Oversized plots: in general the size of the typical plot in the garden is 5 x 20 feet or 100 square feet. Some plots are larger, and some plots are smaller.

Soaker hoses

It was suggested that we experiment with soaker hoses as a strategy to save water. While this can be a good strategy if closely monitored they can be problematic as well. They can become clogged and stop working without you knowing what has happened. While you can put them on a timer, you still need to monitor the dampness as this will change depending on weather conditions. Mulch is another strategy to conserve water and is perhaps more realistic.

In regard to the rhododendrons, we perhaps could use wood chips to conserve water since they like an acidic soil.

Maggie will forward to garden members information she receives about water conservation.

It would be nice if our garden could be a model for water conservation. Vicki will start to write a policy statement about water conservation, including information about which plants require a lot of water.


There needs to be some work on structural repairs around the garden. Richard is a licensed contractor and could be hired to work on these repairs.


Vicki has the website up and running – thanks Vicki. Her daughter has done a lot of work with the help of a friend. It was suggested we say thank you to the friend with the gift of a $50 Amazon Gift card. Everyone agreed this would be a good idea.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Pamela Mooney

FMCG Secretary