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Workday Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

Workday Minutes

August 9, 2014

Opening: Maggie

Thank you everyone for coming and working so hard.

We gave a toast to Elliot and Ursula who recently passed away. We will miss them.

There is a lot of work being done in the garden. Many gardeners have been working on the north east corner of the garden and it is looking great. Richard, John and Ross have spent a lot of time and hard work rebuilding plots with decayed boards. Lorraine, Vickie and Richard have been focusing on cleaning up plots and helping gardeners who are having trouble keeping their plots up. Lorrain has been especially busy with membership as we have a lot of plots that need to be assigned. Doug and Steve have been working on the lath house and are using weathered boards to replace the missing boards, thus keeping the same look as it has now. The door will be painted and will not remain the pine color it is now.

We have a new treasurer: Cathy Dodd! Thanks Cathy for joining the board.

In the fall we will order some compost from Recology since that seemed to work out for us last time. We should have it for next work day. We will also get some chips.

The website is up and has been re-vamped so check it out. Vicki put it together and is still adding some elements.

The budget will be posted in the garden house on the bulletin board. Financially we are still in the same place, no changes from last work day meeting.

Water Conservation: we are under federal guidelines in regard to water conservation. We have been doing a good job in not wasting water, but we could increase water efficiency by planting more plants that need less water. We have been removing vegetation that takes up water. We should start to track our water consumption to see how we do with conservation.

Some gardeners use straw to retain water. This is fine, but we will not be getting any for the gardeners this year.

If there is a common area you want to work in, please let us know and we will assign you to that area.

Keep up with the water conservation. Some gardeners have plants that are too tall in their plots. Please resolve this problem so that the board does not have to get involved with your plot.

Thanks Dick for the wonderful bbq!

Meeting adjourned.