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Board Meeting Minutes

July 7 2014 – 5pm

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting

In attendance: Maggie Perry, Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Lorraine Sorensen, Stephen deHaviland, Richard Pennington, Cathy Dodd

Maggie informed the board that Lynn Averill and Emily Wells both would like to be on the board. The board is short one board member so one person could join the board. It was suggested that perhaps either Emily or Lynn could be an alternate, which would be helpful since often not all the board members can make the meetings. Maggie will talk to Emily and Lynn about this suggestion.

We have a new board member: Cathy Dodd has agreed to take over as treasurer! Thank you Cathy.


A few members still have not paid their dues. Maggie will contact them.

Checking: $16,666.53

Savings: $8,206.49

Facilities Report: Steve

Steve has been catching up on plot repair. Recently 5 -6 plots have been repaired. Also some plots have been cleared and the lath house is undergoing restoration.

Some older members need their plots rebuilt (not just the plots that have been vacated). Richard made a list of the plots in the garden and rated them according to the need to repair the boards and also rated them according to their general condition. It was mentioned that some gardeners may need some help in the upkeep of their garden. We should ask the members whose plots are neglected if they need any help in maintaining their plot. We could also offer them the option of having a half plot.

Richard will approach the garden members who are not gardening in their plots and offer them these alternatives.

Steve made a postcard that we can send to members whose plots are not being kept up. On it you can simply check off the problem area so the garden member knows what needs to be fixed.

See executive minutes in regard to actions taken to resolve an unattended plot.

Website: Vicki

The website is up! We will see about buying the rights to the domain name

Liz brought a shovel she wanted to show the board: “Lady Floral”. It is light and easy to use.

There have been no restrictions on water use so far, however gardeners have been careful in their water use and have not been wasting water.

There are some applications to become a member of FMCG in the little house for visitors who would like to apply to the wait list and don’t have a computer.

Next the board walked around the garden to check out the plots that need boards replaced or plots that are neglected.

Executive Minutes

Alexandria Dixon’s plot is in disrepair, and has been neglected for a while. We will need to start a paper trail detailing our contact with Alexandria and our efforts to either have her tend her plot or have her relinquish her plot so someone on the waiting list can use it. Not only has she not tended her plot, the lemon tree in her plot is too big and is a safety concern. Currently she is using her plot as a geocache site. We thought we would offer her the opportunity to continue to host a geocache location in a different area, and have her give up her plot since she is not gardening. She has not paid her dues either!

Motion: Vicki will write a letter, to be review by the board, which will inform Alexandria that her plot is in disrepair and will suggest she give up the plot. Vicki will also include alternative locations for Alexandria’s geocache site, and inform her she would not be required to continue to pay dues to continue to operate the geocache site and also she will have to give up her locker.

Motion approve unanimously.