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Workday Meeting Minutes

Fort Mason Community Garden

Workday Minutes

May 10th. 2014

Opening: Maggie

Thank you everyone. The garden is doing very well.

The board discussed the possibility of offering classes for gardeners. Some topics the board thought would be of interest include composting and ways to save water. Many gardeners have been working on saving water, but some gardeners are letting water run, which is a waste of water. Please remind gardeners to be careful when watering.

We will get some more mulch, which will also help reduce water consumption.

Another method to save water is to use plastic water bottles which allow water to drip deep into soil, thus eliminating evaporation of water from the surface of the soil. Richard made a nice informational handout with the basics of this technique of water conservation.

Dan Kling from Recology

Presented an overview of Recology’s mission here in San Francisco, and the workings of their facilities. Conducted an extensive question and answer session for us.

For information you can refer to their web site:

The Lath house will be rebuilt by Steve and Doug.

Meeting adjourned