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Board Meeting Minutes

May 5 2014 – 5pm

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting

In attendance: Maggie Perry, Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Lorraine Sorensen, Stephen deHaviland, Doug Robinson, Nello, Richard Pennington

Motion to adopt agenda and minutes

Seconded and approved

Home Away From Homelessness – Vicki

Lily Dickenson helps kids at risk in an after school program and thought it would be nice to get the kids involved in the garden. Vicki gave her Carol’s old plot to clear out as a job. They will continue to come on Wednesdays and Vicki will give them some new jobs to do – there are a lot of plots that need clearing. They are also invited to come on workday.

Joel and Vicki have signs that identify the native plants so they will start to assemble the native plant walk.

Botany Students – Liz Nolan

Michael Goldman is the chairperson of the Botany Department at SF State, and Liz invited him to participate in our garden. He will pass our name to others in the department. Maybe they can be park partners.

Gardening Classes

It might be a good idea to conduct some classes here at FMCG for gardeners on topics that are of interest to us. Such topics might include watering techniques, mulch, and general gardening techniques. We could bring in people or have members who have expertise in an area teach. This would be especially valuable to new members.

Richard said he would be willing to take part. He suggested we bring up water conservation at the next work day, in particular how to use water bottles to conserve water.

In regard to new members, it might be advisable to ask them how much experience they have in gardening, and also perhaps prepare a packet with the dos and don’ts of gardening. If we make a packet we need to send it to Lorraine so she can make it available to new members.

Another strategy for water conservation is to use soaker hoses, especially in the common areas. Maggie will research this.


The website will be done this week. Once it is up we will inform Stephen so he can update it as needed.


Steve has a list of activities. These include:]

Fix 7 – 8 plots

Work on herb garden on east path, which is run down. The boards needed are of an unusual size, but maybe we can use old boards from a remodeled plot.

Herb garden on south path

Walk way near Liz’s plots has lots of crab grass and weeds

Assign new members to common area

Someone needs to take charge of the common area Audrey used to manage.

Someone needs to oversee the common areas in general and organize who is managing which areas, and re-establish each common area.

Maggie will sit at the sign in area and talk to people to figure out who is working in which common area.

We will not worry about redoing the map yet, once we get an idea where everyone is working we will put the names on the map again.

Dan Kling from Recology will talk about compost

Richard has a list of what boards need replacing, which plots have plants that are over the height limit, and cluttered pathways. He will bring the list on work day.

Maggie will mention at workday that the board meetings are now being held at 5:00.


As soon as plots are available they will be posted. There have been 18 turn-overs.

Finance Report

25,000 in savings/checking.

A lot of our infrastructure is falling apart at the same time.

Will send out notices to members who have not paid dues.

Vicki and Maggie are co-signatories on the checking account.

Treasurer’s position is still open. Cathy said she could do it.

Motion: Ask Cathy to be treasurer knowing she may not be able to attend the meetings but will provide spread sheets and treasurer’s reports to the board.

Approved unanimously

Move to adjourn