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Board Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2014 – 6:00 pm

Fort Mason Community Garden

Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Maggie Perry, Vicki Dum, Pamela Mooney, Liz Nolan, Lorraine Sorensen, Stephen deHaviland, Doug Robinson, Amy Choi

Call to order. Adopt agenda

Welcome from our new president, Maggie Perry

Budget: Copies of the budget were passed out. Vicki requested that the budget item for income from initiation fees be increased to 850 since we have many new members.

We need to remember to encourage new members to use Cold Hardware since they give us a rebate of about $75 yearly.

Motion to adopt change to budget by Vicki


Passed by unanimous vote.

Maggie will continue to update the budget as needed.

Do we need a separate budget item for members who cannot afford annual fees? Usually these members help out by doing more work in common areas. Maybe we should have a line item “Membership Grant” so as to keep track of how much assistance is provided to members in this way.

Future Projects List

We should give the finance committee a list of projects that we are thinking of implementing (when we get a finance committee) so estimates of costs can be put together and we can create a 5 year plan. Also, we should consider going for some funding outside of the garden, such as grants.

Park Partners will keep us posted on their upcoming meetings.

Membership – Lorraine

1 new plot was assigned yesterday, 2 more are to be assigned as soon as possible, and 6 are coming up! Lorraine needs some help. If someone could handle the roster for her that would be great (this involves keeping the roster of garden members up to date). Also, if someone could volunteer to do the workday sign in sheets.

Cecy resigned from the board. We will need to find a replacement.

It was suggested by a garden member that we have a garden with vegetables for the general public to take. However, it would be hard for the visiting public to differentiate between which garden it is okay to take vegetables, and which gardens are not for public use. Maybe we could encourage members who have extra produce to leave out the extra so that is available for others. We could mention this at the next meeting.

We should also make an announcement for members to be aware of people who are coming into the garden and stealing food from the gardens.


3 committees: Finance



We need to recruit some garden members for these committees.

Vicki will chair the programs committee

Lorraine will chair the membership committee

Planning committee can morph into the finance committee.

Vicki is already meeting with some garden members about creating a self guided walk of our edible plants common area. She plans on making a map with numbers to identify different plants.

Liz met with two young men who are currently majoring in botany at state college. They were very interested in our garden. It seems like there is something we can get them to work on for us! Liz will look into this and report back to the board.

Steve can work on signs for the garden. Lorraine can send signs to Steve to print and laminate.

Steve can update the map for use at the next work day.

Lorraine will get the laminator.

Change our board meeting time to Monday at 5:00.

Web Site: Vicki reserved some domain names. We picked:

Vicki’s daughter will help get it up and running. Stephen can do postings and updates. We will ask Victoria to put a forward to the new web site on the old web site.

We are getting some free compost from recology – 10 cubic yards.

Motion: make a compost demonstration in half of plot 47 to show that there are no unwanted seeds in the compost



(Abstained from voting: Doug, Stephen, Amy)

Meeting adjourned.