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Cynthia Woods, Sergeant at Arms

A fourth generation Californian, Cynthia sold real estate for thirty years in San Francisco.  She came to San Francisco as a high schooler graduating from Sarah Dix Hamlin school.

She graduated from Bradford Jr. College, after which she started working in San Francisco and New York City.  


Cynthia has been involved with many of the City’s institutions: San Francisco Art Institute, The Museum of Modern Art, Auxiliary of the Foundation of City College of San Francisco. After her real estate career, she studied at the Environmental Horticulture Department, City College of San Francisco, where she earned her certificate in Retail Floristry. She has been a member of the FMCG since 2001. The Garden was her oasis during the pandemic where she could enjoy all of its magical qualities. 


Cynthia and her husband enjoy spending time with their family, CAL football, tennis.

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