Fort Mason Community Gardeners,


The Board has decided to postpone all workdays for the month of March and reschedule them for a later date.  The Mayor of San Francisco has just announced 2 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus via community spread.  Click here to link to the news story on NBC.


We do not want to take any chances that our meeting and workday will put our garden members at risk of exposure to this dangerous virus.  If you know any fellow gardeners that do not check email regularly, please reach out to them to let them know of this cancellation.


We are all learning more and more about the community spread of coronavirus and C-19 in the Bay Area and the country.  We have decided that, during this time of uncertainty, asking members to attend an event where they may come in to contact with someone who is unknowingly infected with the C-19 virus is irresponsible.  


The Board, along with all of you, will continue to monitor the situation and when we have more confidence that a meeting will not be as fraught with uncertainty, we will seek to reschedule.  


Here is a link to the Centers for Disease Control which gives valuable information on this viral outbreak and tips to stay safe.


Thanks for your understanding.




Steven McCarthy

Board President, FMCG


2020/2021 FMCG Work Day Schedule will be posted soon.

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